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Flaring & Swaging Tools

Flaring & Swaging Tools

DABUND precision Flaring & Swaging Tools provides smooth, uniform flares with minimum effort. Foerged from high qualtiy aluminum alloy.

Hardened steel flaring cone, eccentrically mounted in needle bearings, produces rolling action for even metal flow, giving uniform flare walls without galling.

DABUND Flaring & Swaging Tools are used to connect gas pipes and copper tubing. Single-flare tools are used for most non-high-pressure applications. 

Double-flare tools are used in high-pressure applications, such as AC and refrigeration. A swaging tool can gradually widen the end of copper or other thin-walled tubing so one tube can fit inside the other and then joined together.

Flaring & Swagging Tools 1

Flaring & Swaging Tools Box

Flaring & Swagging Tools 2

High quality Flaring & Swaging Tools

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low MOQ Flaring & Swaging Tools

The following points should be paid attention to when choosing a Flaring & Swaging Tools supplier

1. Flaring & Swaging Tools quality assurance, Dabund has 8 years of experience in foreign trade export of Flaring & Swaging Tools, and knows that only good Flaring & Swaging Tools can attract more customers, so please rest assured to buy.

2. Flaring & Swaging Tools delivery time, Dabund has a freight forwarder that has cooperated for many years, which can ensure that the Flaring & Swaging Tools can be delivered at the fastest speed.

3. After-sales service, Dabund has a strong foreign trade department, which can solve various problems of customers on Flaring & Swaging Tools and exports, choose dabund, you will win business.

Dabund is a professional Flaring & Swaging Tools Supplier supplier. We established a factory in 2008. We have a strong foreign trade department and cooperated with freight forwarders for many years. We can guarantee Flaring & Swaging Tools quality, fast delivery, after-sales service, contact us to buy Flaring & Swaging Tools.

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