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High Quality Flaring & Swaging Tools

Package list:
1 * Flaring & Swaging Tools


DABUND Flaring & Swaging Tools provides smooth, uniform flares with minimum effort. Foerged from high qualtiy aluminum alloy.

Hardened steel flaring cone, eccentrically mounted in needle bearings, produces rolling action for even metal flow, giving uniform flare walls without galling.

Flaring & Swaging Tools (Expanding Clamp)

Flaring & Swaging Tools

(Expanding Clamp)

Flaring & Swaging Tools (Cutter)

Flaring & Swaging Tools


DABUND Flaring & Swaging Tools: Refrigeration HVAC 45 Degree Heavy Duty Eccentric Cone Type Flaring Kit for Copper Aluminum Pipes(2 in 1 Inch & Metric Features Make 45-degree flares with these high-quality hammer flaring tools for copper tubing. Ideal for use with Type K soft copper tube. 

Hardened and tempered to resist wear. Through a wall thickness of 0.035" (0.9 mm) Ergonomic handle reduces effort required especially in confined areas Improves productivity Eccentrically mounting, hardened steel flaring cone Handle clutch releases when flare is complete to iron and smooth flare. 

High-quality, hardened steel, hammer Flaring & Swaging Tools for copper tubing are toolbox basics.

Designed to make uniform, 45 degree flares on Type K soft copper water service tubing,  feature large pilots and knurled finger grip areas for added safety. We offers hammer Flaring & Swaging Tools in a variety of copper tubing sizes.

Flaring & Swaging Tools(Eccentric cone)

Flaring & Swaging Tools(Steel clip)

Create 45 degree precise flares in soft copper, brass, aluminum and mild steel tubing.  It can process smooth and uniform 45°bell mouth in soft copper pipe, brass pipe, aluminum pipe and low carbon steel pipe, and it is extremely labor-saving. Applicable pipe O.D: 1 / 4 ", 5 / 16", 3 / 8 ", 1 / 2", 5 / 8 ", 3 / 4"

Flaring & Swaging Tools Adervantage: A single clamp screw provides for easy clamping and removal of tubing, large feed screw handle for smooth turning with little effort, easy to operate.

Features a durable eccentrically-mounted, hardened steel flaring cone for even metal flow.Produces a rolling action for uniform flare walls without galling in tubing.

Blow molded hard plastic storage case keeps tools contained and organized, provides a convenient handle for easy transportation and portability.

Flaring & Swaging Tools Widely Used: Pipe flaring tool is suitable for soft metal pipes such as copper pipe / aluminum pipe. It is widely used in electrical products, such as HVAC, air conditioning, air heater, refrigerator, etc.

Package list:

1 * Flaring & Swaging Tools

Flaring & Swaging Tools Box

Flaring & Swaging Tools Box

Flaring & Swaging Tools Package

Flaring & Swaging Tools Package

We provide the best Flaring & Swaging Tools at the right price and low MOQ. 

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