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AC Disconnect

AC Disconnect

The most widely used application for AC Disconnects is for residential and light commercial air conditioning units. An AC Disconnects is installed outdoors, in visible proximity to the air conditioner condensing unit. AC Disconnects are also found in use with heat pumps, swimming pools, spas, whirlpools and pump houses, and meet 2008 NEC Article 422.31 (B) requirements for servicing electric water heaters.

Non-metallic enclosures are a plastic (polycarbonate) enclosure commonly used in coastal or salt-water areas.

DABUND AC disconnect switch is a disconnect located between a load center (distribution panel) and air conditioner.

AC Disconnects product line provides installer or repair personnel with a visible disconnecting means when performing maintenance.

AC disconnect switch are also known as disconnects, pullouts or air Non-fused pullout devices conditioning switches.

Provide personnel with a visible ON-OFF disconnecting means. While fused pullout units also perform this function, they also provide an additional level of devices are of a pullout design, where the user physically removes or “pulls out” a tab to break the electrical connection.

⚫ UL Certificates: E255965;

⚫ Standard: UL 1429; CSA C22.2 NO. 29-15;

⚫ RoHS Compliance.

Why Choose AC Disconnect from DABUND PIPE

1. AC Disconnect quality assurance, Dabund has 8 years of experience in foreign trade export of product, and knows that only good AC Disconnect can attract more customers, so please rest assured to buy

2. AC Disconnect delivery time, Dabund has a freight forwarder that has cooperated for many years, which can ensure that the AC Disconnect can be delivered at the fastest speed.

3. After-sales service, Dabund has a strong foreign trade department, which can solve various problems of customers on AC Disconnect and exports, choose dabund, you will win business.

DABUND is a professional AC Disconnect supplier with 2 factories and in-depth cooperation with many factories. Since the establishment of the foreign trade department in 2014, 8 years of AC Disconnect export experience have allowed us to accumulate many customers around the world, you can buy with confidence Our AC Disconnect, we can guarantee AC Disconnect quality, fast delivery, after-sales service, contact us to AC Disconnect products.


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A:Yes, we can send you sample.

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A:Yes of cause, we accept OEM and ODM.

6.Q:How long is your delivery time?

A:Usually 15-20days, if urgent, we can arrange to do in advance and delivery fast.

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