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OEM and ODM are acronyms seen quite frequently in the manufacturing world. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer.
Though many people often confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably, they certainly do not mean the same thing. OEMs build products based on designs provided to them from customers, while ODM manufacturers design some or all of the product themselves before manufacturing them for customers.

You’ve probably seen the terms “ODM” and “OEM” before. And chances are, wherever you’re sitting right now, you’re within arm’s reach of several ODM and OEM products. Understanding these terms and the difference between them is an important step in setting yourself up to be a China sourcing pro.

 What is OEM?

The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. A company that designs and builds a product to its own specifications is undertaking OEM. The company usually sells the product to another company for distributing to the market. The selling company may use their brand on the product for sale under a private label arrangement. OEM may be referred to as a service while ODM is a product.

 ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

The abbreviation ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. A company that designs and builds a product to another company’s specifications is undertaking ODM. They usually take on the cost of the equipment and building to make the product.

 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) builds a customer’s product that is fully designed by that customer and then contracted out to produce. The AC copper pipe, for example, customer can custom other size copper line set with nuts or not nuts, dabund pipe will produce high quality copper pipe according to customer's requirements.

The main advantage of an OEM is that the customer retains total creative control over the design. When using an OEM, there will also be little to no intellectual property restrictions that may prevent switching to a different manufacturer in the future, if needed.

Another benefit of using an OEM vs ODM is the flexibility in the product design. OEMs can build products to any specification while ODM products are restricted to a predetermined design.

The disadvantage of OEM manufacturing is the high level of resources required to produce a unique product. These resources include the research and development costs along with the time needed to create the design before it is ready to be manufactured. These investments are often quite high and bring a certain amount of risk to a company.
But it doesn't matter, dabund pipe can meet your needs. We are the best in terms of quality and service of copper pipes. If you have high quality requirements for copper pipes and other products, please choose us.

 ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

ODM, or original design manufacturing, is also also referred to as “private labeling.” This is where an importer selects an already-existing product design from a factory catalog, makes a few small changes and sells it under their own brand name. Changes can include things like packaging or product bundles, colors and branding, and some limited adjustments to components or functionality

For example, our white embossed copper pipe line set、white embossed copper & aluminum pipe kit、black rubber copper & aluminum pipe kit and black rubber copper pipe line set,customers can request to change other colors of insulating tubes, and can also customize the customer's brand information on the tube, we can also provide customized carton outer packaging, whether it is a carton size, color or content, we can meet the needs of customers

All in all, our dabund pipe is a manufacturer of air-conditioning copper pipes with 14 years of foreign trade experience. We strictly control the quality of our products. Our products are sold all over the world, and we can provide customers with satisfactory services as much as possible, whether it is ODM or OEM. Whether you are a customer with a large demand or a small demand, dabund pipe will do our best to serve you and reduce the cost as much as possible when providing high-quality copper pipes or other products. If you are interested in our products , please ask us for a quotation, we will serve you 24 hours a day, hope we have a happy cooperation.


Air conditioner pipe: copper、copper & aluminum
Length of pipe: 1-50M
Thickness of pipe: 0.5-2mm
Insulated pipe: White PE、Black rubber


Carton box: size、color、Information
Insulated pipe:Write the requested information on the tube

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