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Condensate Pump

1.Low noise and non vibration 
2.intelligent control 
3.automatic start and stop 
4.Compact construction, easy assemble

1.Low noise and non vibration

2.intelligent control

3.automatic start and stop

4.Compact construction, easy assemble


1. DABUND drain pump is not affected by the height difference of the drain , and can prevent the condensate from returning to the design

2. Smart chip ,meet your individual needs

3. Wide of applications solve the problem of air conditioning draining

4. Quiet operation, noise clear and simple maintenance easy drainage from various air-conditioning positions

air conditioner Condensate Pump detail5

PC - 12B/36B Condensate Pump

Split type drainage pump

QS - 24B/40B Condensate Pump

DABUND condensate pump is designed for removing condensation from refrigerators, air conditioning units, and more. Designed for trouble-free automatic operation, this condensate pump is quiet and reliable. Built-in safety features include an internal float switch with overflow prevention, automatic shutoff and a high capacity reservoir for reduced on-off cycling. Includes 20 ft. Tubing kit for easy installation and tool-less reservoir cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Automatic operation with internal float switch

Reliable construction with quiet operation

Over-flow protection with safety switch and automatic shutoff

High capacity reservoir reduces on-off cycling

Includes 20 ft. tubing kit for easy installation

Tool-less reservoir cover designed for cleaning and maintenance

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Where is the AC Pipe, there is the Dabund Pipe.

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