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The Aircon copper pipe purchased by North American customers has been shipped

Views: 23     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-14      Origin: Site

A batch of air-conditioning copper pipes purchased by our North American customers has been loaded and shipped!

North American customers purchased white embossed air conditioner copper pipe kits from us, including Pre insulated copper pipe and accessories package. The customer requires our carton to have their brand name and the specifications of the copper pipes for Mini split air conditioner. After confirming the carton packaging information with the customer, we quickly make the carton, and pack the carton after the connecting pipe is completed.

copper pipe kit package4

copper pipe kit package5

copper pipe kit package7

European and American customers purchased orders of air-conditioning insulated pipe accessories from us, including water pipes and cables, and our factory produced and delivered them quickly.


European and American customers bought orders of insulated copper line sets from us. We will put the air conditioner copper line sets into cartons, then put them on the pallets, and load them into containers.

copper line set loading


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