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Plastic Mat Fo Air Conditione outside Unit

When progressing through the steps required to purchase and install a brand-new air-conditioning unit, AC condenser pads are one of the most important things you will need to consider.
  • PP-PAD


  • PP Modified materials

  • 18"x38"x3" / 32"x32"x3" / 36"x36"x3"

  • 3.6/6.3/7.8 kg



PP-PAD is a plastic pad designed as a mounting base for air conditioning condensers. The rugged design provides uniform and generous ribbing for optimum, self-leveling ground support without inserts. PP-PAD is injection molded from polypropylene, resulting in a pad that is lightweight, but not too light. A subtle texture prevents unit slide and presents a classic appearance, which is enhanced by rounded edges and a concrete gray color. Each pad is molded with its size in raised letters. Uniform ribs and a new ribbedfoot design allow for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

PP -PAD.pdf



About this item

  • 【Perfect Size】 - The size is 18 x 38 x 3 inches, this equipment pad is the ideal mounting base for mini split, condenser and other outdoor equipment.We also support customized 32X32X3 ft, 36X36X3 ft.

  • 【Lightweight & Durable】 - Constructed of injection molded polypropylene, lasting a long service life

  • 【Special Design】 - The textured surface helps to reduce sliding of the equipment, and the ribbing underneath the pad can better ensure the stability and self-leveling on all kinds of grounds

  • 【Strong Equipment Pad】 - It will not be affected by UV rays, rainy days or any extreme weather, nor will affect the use due to the oil leakage

  • 【Considerate Notice】 - The pad is drillable for securing the unit, and it should be placed on flat soil or hard surface. The maximum loading capacity is up to 2500 pounds.



PP-PAD is made of injection-molded polypropylene, using polypropylene-modified materials. It greatly extends the service life and the board is very sturddy."PP modified materials" generally refers to materials that are based on polypropylene (PP) and have been modified in some way to enhance their properties for specific applications. PP is a widely used thermoplastic polymer known for its versatility, chemical resistance, and relatively low cost. Modification of PP can involve blending it with other polymers, incorporating additives, or undergoing various processing techniques to achieve desired improvements in its characteristics.


Special design

Chassis ribs provide better stability and self-leveling on a variety of surfaces. It is made to be solid and difficult to move.

  ·Stability enhancement: Chassis ribs can provide better stability by increasing the surface contact area of objects. This is especially important for objects that need to be balanced and stable, such as mechanical equipment, vehicle chassis, etc.
  ·Self-leveling property: Chassis ribs can help achieve self-leveling effect, that is, when the surface is inclined, liquid or other substances can be distributed more evenly without accumulating on one side. This is especially useful in industrial applications such as paints, glues, liquid handling, etc.
  ·Increase rigidity: Chassis ribs can add additional structural rigidity on the surface of the object, thereby improving the overall rigidity of the object. This is important for applications where resistance to deformation or deflection is required, such as support structures, load bearing plates, etc.
  ·Reduce shock and vibration: Chassis ribs can disperse and absorb shock and vibration on the surface of objects, thereby reducing the transmission of noise and vibration. This is important in many applications such as mechanical installations, industrial machinery and vehicles.
  ·Strengthening connections: Chassis ribs can be used to strengthen the connection parts of objects, such as on connection plates, brackets and frames. This increases the stability and strength of the connection.

PP-PAD is printed with orange peel on the front, the orange peel surface helps to increase friction and reduce equipment sliding.

  ·The "orange peel" pattern is a descriptive term used to refer to a particular textured surface finish that resembles the texture of an orange peel skin. This texture is characterized by a series of small, slightly raised bumps and depressions that create a visually distinctive and tactile surface.
  ·Aesthetic Appearance: The orange peel pattern can add a unique and visually interesting texture to the object's surface. This textured finish can give the object a more upscale or luxurious appearance, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Objects with an orange peel pattern can stand out from those with a smooth, glossy finish.
  ·Diffusion of Light: The texture of the orange peel pattern can scatter and diffuse light differently compared to a smooth surface. This can reduce the visibility of reflections and glare, leading to a more muted and matte appearance. This property is often desired in applications such as automotive interior panels, electronic device housings, and consumer goods where glare reduction is important.


Packaging and transportation




We produce Insulated Copper Pipe, Mini Split Line Set and Aluminum Pipe and HVAC Parts



1.Q:What is your payment terms?


2.Q:What is your delivery terms?


3.Q:Are you trading company or manufacturer?


4.Q:May I get a sample?

A:Yes, we can send you 3pieces free samples.
  You just charge for the express cost is ok.

5.Q:Can I print my logo?

A:Yes of cause, we accept OEM and ODM.

6.Q:How long is your delivery time?

A:Usually 15-20days, if urgent, we can arrange to do in advance and delivery fast.

7.Q: How can we guarantee quality?

A: Always provide pre production samples before mass production;

8.Q: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A: DABUND PIPE is foucsing on making air conditioners work very well for cooling and heating all over the world.We welcome you come to visit our company atany time.


Where is the AC Pipe, there is the Dabund Pipe.

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