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How to choose Insulated Pipe Kit?whether it is copper pipe or aluminum pipe?

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Copper Vs Aluminium Piping 

If you're planning to buy an air conditioner (AC) this summer, there are a few factors to consider to help you choose the best from the many options available, including the duct materials used for heat exchange in these products.

Most air conditioners use one of two metal ducts—aluminum or copper. Aluminum ducts are slowly becoming obsolete, and most modern air conditioners use copper. Both plumbing technologies have pros and cons, so choosing one over the other can be tricky at times. We want you to choose the best, so we've put together a few bullet points to help end any confusion.

Why is Air Conditioner piping technology important?

To better understand plumbing, let's take a quick look at how air conditioners work. Most air conditioners consist of three main components - the evaporative coil, compressor and condenser. The evaporative coil is placed in the inner unit of the air conditioner, while the compressor and condenser are placed in the outer unit. This setup is the same as a window air conditioner, however, all components are placed in one unit. 

When we turn on the air conditioner, the evaporative coils absorb indoor heat from the air passing through, and this heat is cooled by the refrigerant flowing through these coils. The refrigerant is then sent to the compressor unit where it is compressed into a hot liquid. This hot liquid (our refrigerant) then passes through the condenser tubes, where it loses most of its heat. The refrigerant then enters a high pressure valve where it returns to its original temperature so it can reach the evaporative coil again. Repeat the whole process until the room temperature is down to your desired temperature.

All major components within an air conditioner are connected through pipes that are either made of copper or aluminium. The entire cooling process works in a close circuit, so piping plays a major role. If these pipes are of poor quality, there are chances of leaks and cracks that can result in ineffective cooling. They can also retain too much heat rendering the air conditioner inefficient.


Compared to aluminum, copper as a metal is highly resistant to corrosion. During the cooling process, the pipes come into contact with air, causing oxidation within the pipes. Copper handles oxidation and corrosion for longer periods of time better, ultimately making air conditioners last longer.

Winner – Copper coils

Faster cooling

Copper tubes cool much faster due to their lower specific thermal mass. The term "specific heat" describes the amount of heat per unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius. Reduce specific heat and increase heating and cooling capacity. Due to the low specific heat of copper tubes, they can quickly dissipate heat to the outside environment and cool quickly to absorb more heat. Since aluminum tubes take more time to heat and cool, they consume more energy and have a relatively low cooling efficiency.

Winner – Copper coils


Aluminum is brittle compared to copper. Since copper is less ductile, copper tubing is stronger and can easily withstand minor accidental damage. Even with cracks or perforations, copper pipes can be easily soldered. Since aluminum tubes are fragile, welding or repairing them is a chore and is best replaced.

Winner – Copper coils


Product pricing is a crucial aspect, right? Copper is more expensive than aluminum. Due to the poor ductility of copper pipes, the amount of pipe material required is also high, making copper pipe air conditioners a more expensive option. Aluminum is cheaper and easier to bend, so less material is needed.

Winner – Aluminum coils

In most cases, copper tube air conditioners have advantages, so many customers prefer them. Yes, they can be more expensive, but when we consider their durability and efficiency, these models can easily serve you longer and help save money on your electricity bill. In a sense, they recoup some of the extra cost.

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