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Why Are Copper Pipes Used In HVAC Systems?

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Our air-conditioning Line Set are divided into copper pipes and copper-aluminum pipes, and these products contain copper materials. Why are copper pipes used in refrigeration systems?

Copper tubing is durable, works well with refrigerants, and doesn't require much material to make. Copper pipes can be customized in various sizes to suit different air conditioners, and copper is a good material choice when it comes to ensuring your air conditioner is comfortable for you.

Copper line set has good ductility

Copper pipes have good ductility. During transportation, copper pipes can be coiled to reduce cargo space and save costs. This operation of air-conditioning copper line set coiling can be completed in our factory. During the installation process, the installer can quickly extend the copper pipe to facilitate installation.

Air Conditioner copper line set black3


ac copper pipe kit package


Copper pipe has good versatility

Common specifications of double Airocn copper pipes are: 1/4+3/8, 1/4+1/2, 1/4+5/8, 3/8+5/8, 3/8+3/4, 1/2+3/4. There are many types of specifications and can be matched in various ways, which can well match different air conditioners. The copper line sets for air conditioner can be used not only for small air conditioners, such as homes and small studios, but also for large complexes, such as large supermarkets.

Copper Pipe has good antibacterial properties

Copper has natural advantages over other building materials. Most HVAC systems are placed in tight spaces, creating a humid environment that encourages mold growth. Copper has antibacterial properties that stop nasty and potentially damaging fungi from building up in hard-to-reach areas.

The copper material of dabund pipe is 99.9% Pure Copper

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