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Why choose Dabund Insulated Coil Line Set

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Insulated Coil Line Set

1/4"- 3/8" Is The Outer Dimension (OD) - Both Lines Taped Together Every 18in for Easier Handling & installationType L Copper Piping Grade - 99% Pure Copper - Insulation is made of 1/2" Polypropylene & Is UV Resistant

Operating Temperature From -40°F To +248°F [-40°C To +120°C]

R Value Rating of Insulation - R3.3 * Insulation density is 30kgs/CBM = 0.035 W/mK

Works For Every Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Application Including Ductless Mini-Split, Heat Pump And Centralized Air Ducted Units.

Pressure Rating: 2300 to 6500 PSI, Much more than the required 700 PSI for R410

1/4" - 3/8" Insulated Copper Coil Line Set - Seamless Pipe Tube for HVAC, Refrigerant - 1/2" White Insulation Twin Set - 50' Long

High Quality Copper Coil Meets/Beats ASTM B280 Standard for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Made From C12200 - 99.9% Pure Copper).

1/2" White insulation will give you a good R value of 3.3, And Meets/Beats ASTM B280 Standard, And is classified as Class 1 Fire Proof - B1

Twin Set - Both Lines Joined Together as Twin Set for Easier Handling & installation.

Plain Ends - Gives you the freedom to cut and flare at your own project needs, so you are not left with much waste, and are ready to go for the next job.

Works for all Air Conditioning applications including Ductless Mini-Split, Heat Pump And Centralized Air Ducted Units.

Seamless Pure Copper Pipe

Seamless Pure Copper Pipe

  • Good glossiness

  • Well toughness

  • No impurities

  • Anti-distortion

Insulated Cotton

Insulated White PE

  • Insulation effect stick

  • Faster cooling

  • Flame-retarded

  • 3/8" PE thickness matches with most of the PVC cover in the market

Accurate Flaring End

Accurate Flaring End

  • Use machine to process flaring end

  • Burr-free

  • Corrosion-resistant

Insulated high quality seamless copper tube showing no leaks, high and low pressure lines.

Excellent UV resistant: The insulated copper twin line set has been successfully tested .

Copper coil line set for ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump systems.

AC Insulated pipe Accurate Flaring End
AC Insulated Pipe Insulated Cotton

DABUND PIPE - A Brand You Can Trust

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please message us now & enjoy a high qulaity copper line for your project.

May I get a sample?

Yes, we can provide free samples

Can I print my logo?

Yes of cause, we accept OEM and ODM.

How long is your delivery time?

Usually 15-20days, if urgent, we can arrange to do in advance and delivery fast.

Where is the AC Pipe, there is the Dabund Pipe.

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your HVAC&R products needs, on-time and on-budget.
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