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Air Conditioner Rubber Damping Base

Brand-new formula design, 
high bond failure strength, 
solve the problem of product falling particles, 
truly safe and sturdy.
  • DBJ-005
  • Rubber

Air Conditioner Rubber Damping Baseair conditioner outdoor unit base.pdf

Mount directly onto concrete or leave unfastened as desired

Outer rubber shell provides superior vibration absorption

Dual heavy-duty weighted block-style mounting set

Elevates system while maintaining a low profile

Built-in leveler to ensure perfectly horizontal mounting

Air conditioner support rubber feet  is made of environmentally friendly rubber materials in line with EU ROHS standards.

Brand-new formula design, high bond failure strength, solve the problem of product falling particles, truly safe and sturdy.

The product has been rigorously tested and can be used in an environment of minus 40 degrees without brittleness, long-term outdoor use superior aging resistance. The oxidized aluminum alloy slide groove design is convenient to adjust the position of the fixing screw hole.

The matching screw adopts 8.8 grade hardness, the surface is treated with Dacromet, and the salt spray test for 500 hours no rust, real outdoor about 10 years life without aging, the special level design is convenient to detect whether the shock cushion is in place during installation in balance.

At present,the external unit of air conditioner is generally placed on the outdoor platform on metal bracket. After using the support rubber feet, rust corrosion can be prevented, noise and vibra-tion generated during the operation of the external unit can be effectively reduced, noise and vibration can be reduced, noise pollution can be effectively reduced, the service life of the external unit can be prolonged, and the condensation water of the external unit of air conditioner can be easily discharged.


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